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Day 0 | Flotilla to Alaska

Finally! We have been super anxious to get underway this year, especially with the beautiful weather the last few days…but we’ll be on our way tomorrow morning. We know some of you are very excited to follow along with this summer’s trip to Alaska (almost as excited as we are to be going!) and we wanted to give you some extra ways to follow along with our adventures.

We hope to be posting daily here on, but if you’re just curious where we are, you can quickly find us by clicking the “Where is the Flotilla Now?” button over there on the right. That will take you to a page with two real-time inReach maps like the ones you see below. You can even send messages directly to us via the “Message” links.

We met up with all of the US-based flotilla participants today in Roche Harbor and enjoyed happy hour and dinner on the dock while we gave everyone their initial briefings for the trip. The weather looks great for our first leg tomorrow, and everybody seems ready to point their bows north and get going.

Safe Harbor/Sam Landsman: 

Airship/Laura Domela & Kevin Morris:

Thanks for following along with us!