Day 11 | Flotilla to Alaska | Codville Lagoon to Ocean Falls

The flotilla left Codville Lagoon this morning between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. We had a total of three crab traps out and one prawn trap, and the shellfish haul before we left consisted of two Dungeness crabs and six big spot prawns. Not too bad! 

We had a nice cruise up Fisher Channel, then up Cousins Inlet, and found ample space on the docks at Ocean Falls. 

This early in the season, there aren’t many other cruisers out (despite the generally awesome weather!) and it’s easy to find dock space, even for a group.

The forecast was for a gray and overcast day, but we ended up with some bright sun for a good portion of the afternoon. Sam quickly busted out his electric scooter and headed over to check out nearby Martin Valley. We’re noticing quite a bit more automobile traffic in Ocean Falls this year.

Electric scooter, helmet, Xtratufs, bear spray in one pocket and a handheld VHF in the other. Sam is READY and owning it.  
The Shack, where we’ll gather later tonight for a potluck meal
The signage on the telephone pole at the top of the dock has been updated since we last visited

We wandered up through town to see the dam, and while there, Sam flew his drone and took some aerials.

The wildflowers in Ocean Falls are always plentiful and colorful this time of year, and they make a great contrast to the abandoned houses that are crumbling back into (and being consumed by) the landscape.

Inside one of the abandoned structures, Sam and Laura found some interesting textures. These two wallpapered rooms were adjacent and somewhat open to each other–meaning, you can see both patterns together at the same time! The first photo is the dining room, and the second is the kitchen.

After our walk around town, we hopped in the dinghies and several of us went out to get a closer look at the cabins in various stages of repair/disrepair out near the entrance of Cousins Inlet. (You may be sensing a theme here.)

This was by far the cabin in the best condition.

On the door, the owners had posted this note (we love it!):

On our way back into Ocean Falls we beached the dinghies near the boat ramp in Martin Valley and walked up to see if Saggo’s Saloon was open. 

It was, so we stopped in to have a beer and chat with the locals, which is usually entertaining and always educational. Norman and some others caught us up on the town news. The bitcoin mining operation that sounded promising last year is now operating, although it doesn’t employ many locals. The marijuana cultivation project apparently never took off.

Sam chats with Norman at the picnic table outside.

Potluck in The Shack tonight consisted of fancy cheese with crackers from Neil and Joni on Salish Spirit, a crab, spinach, and zucchini risotto Laura made using the fresh Dungeness caught this morning, chicken and bok choy stir fry with brown rice (from Roberta and John on Nereus), baked potatoes with fixings (from Sam), and lemon bars for dessert from Roberta and Susan on Polymela. (Ralph went into Shearwater a day early to take care of a few things, so he wasn’t with us in Ocean Falls, for those who might have noticed his absence.)

Today’s total: 21.7 nautical miles, 3 hours underway
Flotilla total: 366.6 nautical miles, 52 hours 26 minutes underway