Day 2 | Flotilla to Alaska | Ganges Harbour to Montague Harbour

With the weather still looking windy on the Strait of Georgia until Thursday, we didn’t have far to go today. Our goal is to meander through the Gulf Islands slowly, visiting new places while getting to know each other and providing an opportunity to shake down the boats.

So today we made the long, eight mile trip from Ganges to Montague Harbour! Montague Harbour is huge, with room for hundreds of boats to anchor, tie up to mooring balls, or moor to marina or park docks. Other than a big set of power lines running overhead, it’s a scenic spot, with dramatic bluffs, nice beaches, and beautiful sunsets. And this time of year it’s remarkably quiet, with perhaps a couple dozen boats scattered throughout the bay.

We used the afternoon to help some participants practice anchoring, explored the area by dinghy a bit, and relaxed aboard. The weather, other than the wind, is perfect: warm but not hot, sunny, few bugs. We hope it lasts!

At 5:30 everyone came over to the raft to talk about the plan for tomorrow and enjoy our first BYOBBQ night. We’re having a great time, despite the slow start!

Today’s total: 7.3 nautical miles, 1 hours 2 minutes underway
Flotilla total: 23.2 nautical miles, 3 hours 3 minutes underway