Day 21 | Flotilla to Alaska | Ketchikan to Meyers Chuck

The flotilla left Ketchikan this morning and headed for Meyers Chuck. Another sunny day!

We had about 15 knots of wind from the northwest which created a little chop on top of the low swells as we approached Behm Canal. These are the toughest conditions we’ve had yet–enough to splash a little saltwater on the windows (and free the holding tank sensors from their stuck positions) but not much else.

We arrived in Meyers Chuck to find the docks completely full, so we all anchored out instead.

Today is Joni’s (Salish Spirit) birthday, and her husband Neil requested we have a theme dinner to celebrate (Below Deck, here we come!). We came up with “Alaskan Luau” which included Mai Tais, teriyaki veggie kabobs, ribs, pineapple fried rice, shrimp skewers, “Hawaiian Luau BBQ chips” and Hawaiian dinner rolls. Laura and Kevin broke out their ukuleles for another rendition of Happy Birthday, and we had Nutella-topped brownies for dessert. A super fun evening!

Being tied up at the dock is great, but it was fun being anchored and getting a different view this time.

Today’s total: 32.8nm, 4 hours 48 minutes underway
Flotilla total: 704.5nm, 98 hours 50 minutes underway