Day 3 | Flotilla to Alaska | Montague Harbour to Clam Bay

With Thursday (two days away) still looking like our best bet for the Strait of Georgia, we are still pacing ourselves while enjoying the beautiful Gulf Islands. We left Montague Harbour mid-morning for the short jaunt up to Clam Bay – a nice anchorage on the east side of Thetis Island. There is an intertidal passage between Clam Bay and Telegraph Harbour which can be traversed by dinghy at higher tides. 

Safe Harbour heads toward Clam Bay on Thetis Island
Tall ship anchored in Clam Bay

We’d arrived near low tide, so once everyone was securely anchored, we had a leisurely afternoon on our own boats, and everyone dinghied to the Airship/Safe Harbour raft for our daily briefing. Once we had tomorrow’s plan figured out, most people climbed aboard dinghies for a quick outing to Telegraph Harbour via the “Gut” or “Cut” (depending on which chart’s interpretation you trust).

Heading off in our dinghies to transit the Gut/Cut over to Telegraph Harbour
Telegraph Harbour
Telegraph Harbour Marina
Sam and Ralph in Sam’s dinghy
Dinghies heading back out to Clam Bay from Telegraph Harbour
Clam Bay anchorage
Helmsman 38 Salish Spirit (Joni and Neil’s boat) at anchor
Eagle 40 Polymela (Roberta and Susan’s boat) at anchor

Early stages of flotillas are often “shakedown” time, where mechanical issues or problems with dinghies and ground tackle present themselves. This time, everyone’s boat seems to be in solid shape and the issues we’ve encountered have been minor and easily corrected. We are all excited for some longer cruising days coming up and more remote areas. For many of the group, the next two days will be the farthest north they’ve cruised, and the scenery will just keep getting better.

Here are a few aerials of the anchorage and surrounds:


Today’s total: 11.7 nautical miles, 2 hours 4 minutes underway
Flotilla total: 34.9 nautical miles, 5 hours 7 minutes underway