Day 7 | Alaska Flotilla Leg 3 | Chapin Bay to Kake

The cruise across Frederick Sound to Kake from Chapin Bay is just under 20nm, and conditions were calm and glassy today, with a little morning fog. Boats left the anchorage on their own schedule and headed across between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.

We arrived at Portage Harbor in Kake and got space all together on the transient dock. 

First orders of business were washing the salt off boats, getting rid of trash, adding water, and a walk to the market (about a mile from the marina) for a few groceries. The marina in Kake has a new office with laundry and a shower, and Les, the harbormaster, was accommodating. Unfortunately a water system problem in Kake means the water isn’t officially potable, which gives us pause when filling tanks. The locals assured us they’ve had no problems, but those that didn’t need water passed on filling up.

Nice view as we walk along the shoreline toward the market

After we returned from the market, some of us dinghied out to the city dock, another mile plus from the market, to walk through town, see the tallest totem pole, and pick up a few things at the liquor store.

City dock in Kake

As we passed the liquor store, this cool local dog came out to greet us, and then led us the whole way up to the totem pole. Seriously. He must have sensed that we were tourists and might not find it on our own.

World’s tallest totem pole is 132 feet, and has this view over the harbor at Kake

We believe this part, lying next to the totem, is a part that fell off the top in a bad storm a few years ago

Tonight we all gathered for dinner (Italian night) at the end of our dock: lasagna, ravioli, cauliflower gnocchi, broccoli, grapes, and some delicious “Italian seasoned breaded fresh halibut fingers” made by Roberta from Nereus.