Day 8 | Alaska Flotilla Leg 4 | Captain Cove to Patterson Inlet

Today was an easy day: no weather concerns, simple navigation, and not far to go. Along the way we spotted a few dolphins.

A long, narrow, easily navigated channel leads to Patterson Inlet, which indents Pitt Island.

Along the way we saw this sign. We’re not sure who made it, but we’ve seen others like it at nearby anchorages.

A little further in we saw this eagle, preening its feathers:

There are two basins at Patterson Inlet. The north basin is considerably shallower (about 50 feet compared to 90-100 feet). We chose the shallow option, and settled in for a calm, peaceful afternoon and evening. Both basins are beautiful, with dense forest blanketing the steep hillsides.

In between rain showers we managed to squeeze in some dinghy exploring and droning.