Kuiu Island

Kake to Halleck Harbor We left Kake mid-day, since Halleck Harbor (in Saginaw Bay) was just 15 miles or so around the corner and we had to wait for the fuel dock…or, the fuel truck. Kake used to have a small fuel dock, but last winter the dock blew away during a storm that brought 80-knot winds for several days, then 70-knot winds from the opposite direction. For now, they’re … Read more

Windham Bay, Endicott Arm, Sandborn Canal, and Kake

After our incredible day at Pack Creek, we headed back down Seymour Canal, joined by a couple of humpbacks. Then, as we were cruising across Stephens Passage toward Windham Bay, we were greeted by about 30 Dall’s porpoises who played in Airship’s bow wake for about a half an hour. We never tire of these guys—they’re so playful!! We anchored in the southern nook just inside the entrance of Windham … Read more

Pack Creek Bears | Admiralty Island

The Pack Creek bear viewing area on Admiralty Island is permit-only between June 1 and September 10, and is located up near the top of Seymour Canal. The island is home to an estimated 1,500 brown bears — more than all the Lower 48 states combined. From Juneau via float plane, it’s probably only half an hour, but by (Slow)boat from Juneau, it’s about 74 nautical miles and takes two … Read more

Safe Harbour | Port Snettisham, Ford’s Terror, Mole Harbor

Time in port is usually super busy, and the few days I spent in Juneau after Anna and Rudy left was no exception. Grocery shopping, boat fixes (nothing major!), fueling, cleaning, laundry, paying bills…real life doesn’t pause while out cruising. Eventually I caught up on chores and headed out. That first night I had no destination in mind. Taku Harbor, with its dock and excellent protection, was an obvious choice. … Read more

Safe Harbour | Tracy Arm

After a week in the lower 48, I flew back to Juneau with my girlfriend Anna and her dad Rudy. We had 4 nights and 5 days to work with, and after a quick run to the grocery store we headed off for Tracy Arm Cove the same day we flew into Juneau. Just a few miles from the dock, with Juneau still in sight, we spotted three orcas swimming … Read more

Airship | Juneau, Taku Harbor, and Tracy Arm

We left Juneau on July 2nd, buddy boating with Carol and Park (on Akeeva), Jan and Stacy (on Ceci Kay) and a new passenger on Airship…Kevin’s mom, Shirley! We all found room on the dock at Taku Harbor and did a little exploring on shore. Dinner was a potluck on Ceci Kay (steaks, roasted potatoes, and more good stuff I can’t remember), and the next morning we all headed out … Read more

Safe Harbour | Sitka to Juneau

After a few days of chores and goodbyes in Sitka, I headed for Juneau. I would have loved to continue cruising with the group, but commitments intervened and I needed to make it Juneau in time for a flight back to Seattle. I departed Sitka at 6:00 a.m. to make slack at Sergius Narrows. The earliest departure in weeks! After cruising in company for the last month, the quietness of … Read more

Airship | Sitka to Hoonah

We left Sitka with all our flotilla boats (minus Safe Harbour, who was headed to Juneau to catch a flight) and anchored for the night in Appleton Cove. Kevin took the drone up for a few aerial shots of Appleton Cove: The next morning, we awoke to a whole lot of fog in Appleton Cove! The fog began to burn off just as one of the commercial crab boats came … Read more

Day 30 | Flotilla to Alaska | Deep Bay to Sitka

Deep Bay to Sitka is a technical 30 nautical miles. The first challenge is Sergius Narrows, where currents run to 9 knots. Slack today was at 7:31 a.m. and it takes about 30 minutes to get from Deep Bay to the narrows. We left at 7:00 a.m. and the timing worked out perfectly. The next challenges are Olga Strait and Neva Strait. Not particularly challenging, really, but narrow, shallow, winding, … Read more