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Day 6 | Alaska Flotilla | Port Harvey to Pierre’s Echo Bay

Our cruise from Port Harvey to Pierre’s Echo Bay (33nm) was easy and calm. We planned to head west in Knight Inlet and then around the west side of Gilford Island, but the morning weather reports gave us some pause. The northwesterly hadn’t died down in Johnstone Strait during the…


Day 5 | Flotilla to Alaska | Forward Harbour to Port Harvey

As we mentioned in our “Rapids!!” post yesterday, our cruise to Forward Harbour was a bit on the gray and rainy side. Once anchored in Forward Harbour, the three of us dinghied around to each flotilla boat to discuss the next day’s plan. By the time we finished up at…


Day 4 | Flotilla to Alaska | Squirrel Cove to Forward Harbour

This is what the Cruising World has been waiting for! FIVE Boats. FIVE Rapids, One Day… and only ONE shot at slack…. Well, not really. But we did have a unique transit! Traveling north of Desolation Sound requires transiting rapids. Slow boats don’t do well in white water, so timing…

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Day 3 | Flotilla to Alaska | Pender Harbour to Squirrel Cove

Today’s cruise from Pender Harbour to Squirrel Cove was about 48nm. A longish cruise, but the conditions were perfect — calm water and just the slightest breeze. A long but uneventful cruise is nice sometimes, especially when we have internet! We took advantage of the calm cruise to catch up…


Day 2 | Flotilla to Alaska | Silva Bay to Pender Harbour

The Strait of Georgia is the first “gate” on our way to Alaska. It’s only a few hours across, but if it’s windy it can be a miserable few hours. We look at a bunch of different forecasts before crossing any of the gates. Most of the time, the forecasts…


Day 1 | Flotilla to Alaska | Roche Harbor to Silva Bay

The beautiful weather continues! We awoke this morning to bright sunshine and our group was so excited to get going that we left Roche Harbor by 8:00 a.m. — an hour earlier than originally scheduled. All but one of us has Nexus (the trusted traveler program that lets us clear…