Day 24 | Flotilla to Alaska | Meyers Chuck to Thoms Place

In past years, we went straight from Meyers Chuck to Wrangell, a 50+nm run. This year, we decided to break it up with a stop in Thoms Place. This way, we have a relaxed day leaving Meyers Chuck, and then can make the short hop to Wrangell the following day and have much more time to explore town. And we get an extra night anchored in a beautiful, remote cove! … Read more

Day 23 | Flotilla to Alaska | Kasaan to Meyers Chuck

The forecast for Clarence Strait wasn’t great. Southeast 20-25 knots, according to NOAA. Clarence Strait is a big body of water, stretching about 100nm from Dixon Entrance at the south to Zarembo Island at the north. We’ve been beaten up there before, and weren’t eager to repeat those experiences today. Other forecast models—Windy and Windfinder—looked substantially better than NOAA. Still breezy, but more like 10-15 knots. As a bonus, the … Read more

Days 20 and 21 | Flotilla to Alaska | Hanging Out in Ketchikan

The weather in Ketchikan for the past two days has been typical Ketchikan — gray and windy and raining sideways. This is a town that averages more than 150 inches of rain per year. Seattle’s 37.5 inch total is paltry in comparison. We only intended to stay in Ketchikan for two nights, but the weather on the day we planned to depart was truly bad. At the dock, we recorded … Read more

Day 19 | Flotilla to Alaska | Foggy Bay to Ketchikan

We had a beautiful cruise this morning from Foggy Bay into Ketchikan. It’s always a bit of a shock arriving into Ketchikan after being in such quiet, remote areas for several weeks. Today was no exception. Ketchikan was host to FIVE cruise ships when we arrived — four at the cruise ship berths and one anchored out in the channel. When we called the Ketchikan customs office yesterday and got … Read more

Day 18 | Flotilla to Alaska | Kelp Passage to Foggy Bay

The forecast for crossing Dixon Entrance was about as good as it gets. Wind light, building to northwest 5-15 knots in the afternoon and 10-20 knots in the evening. Environment Canada, NOAA, Windy, and Windfinder all basically agreed, too. We’d have a lazy, three foot swell and basically calm winds. This is the longest day of our trip at 64 nautical miles. Given the long day and the possibility of … Read more

Day 17 | Flotilla to Alaska | Lowe Inlet to Kelp Passage

Today felt like a longish day from Lowe Inlet up Grenville Channel to Kelp Passage. It wasn’t actually that much longer than any other day, it’s that it was a day of gray, rain, fog, and not a lot of scenery or wildlife. Grenville Channel can be a bit boring when the weather is less than stellar and visibility is poor, and today was one of those days. As soon … Read more

Day 16 | Flotilla to Alaska | Butedale to Lowe Inlet

We awoke to the pitter-patter of raindrops falling on the deck. Outside, clouds hung low on the horizon. Environment Canada warned of 25-35 knot winds out on Hecate Strait, and we worried some of that wind might whip up rough seas even on the inner channels we’re traveling on. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. We had a bit of a following sea as we headed northwest in Fraser Reach, but … Read more

Day 15 | Flotilla to Alaska | Windy Bay to Butedale

We’ve been lucky with the weather so far. We’ve had sun almost every day, sometimes not until the afternoon and occasionally with some rain showers mixed in, but overall it’s been really nice. Yesterday afternoon, clouds moved in, and this morning felt like a typical day on B.C.’s central coast: misty with low clouds clinging to the mountainsides. Since it was too bumpy yesterday afternoon to run the dinghies up … Read more

Day 14 | Flotilla to Alaska | Rescue Bay to Windy Bay

The flotilla left Rescue Bay this morning by 9:00 am and headed up Mathieson Channel — destination Windy Bay. We are now entering the Fiordland Recreation Area, one of the most remote areas of our trip so far — where there is virtually no civilization, no cell service or internet connection, and very little boat traffic. We are rewarded with glacial fjords, steep granite cliffs, lush forests, and more waterfalls … Read more