Circumnavigating Vancouver Island Flotilla | Day 22| Joe’s Bay to Nettle Island

September 10 – Since we arrived earlier than scheduled in Barkley Sound, we have some extra time to visit additional anchorages. Although the Broken Group is small—only about seven miles by five miles—there are many interesting anchorages. Today, we made the short run over to Nettle Island. This is another large anchorage in Barkley Sound, not quite as well-protected as Joe’s Bay, but perfect for most weather conditions. Sam took the … Read more

West Side of Vancouver Island Flotilla | Day 14-15 | Ucluelet to Joe’s Bay

We left Ucluelet and cruised the short distance (11nm) over to Joe’s Bay, just north of Turtle Island in the Broken Group. Unfortunately, we had one boat fewer than normal. Throughout the trip, Mana Kai (a Kadey Krogen 44), has been experiencing intermittent engine problems related to the suction control valve on the common rail system. No amount of fiddling with filters or resetting computers has fixed the issue, and … Read more

Day 33 | Flotilla to Alaska | Ford’s Terror to Taku Harbor

We pulled anchor a little after 7:00 a.m. in order to arrive at the entrance (exit) to Ford’s Terror by about 8:00 a.m. We were a little early but knew from our experience coming in that the tidal swing was low and that meant a longer-than-usual window for transiting the rapids. Airship went through first and only noted about a knot and a half of opposing current, so the rest … Read more

Day 14 | Flotilla to Alaska | Rescue Bay to Windy Bay

The flotilla left Rescue Bay this morning by 9:00 am and headed up Mathieson Channel — destination Windy Bay. We are now entering the Fiordland Recreation Area, one of the most remote areas of our trip so far — where there is virtually no civilization, no cell service or internet connection, and very little boat traffic. We are rewarded with glacial fjords, steep granite cliffs, lush forests, and more waterfalls … Read more

Day 13 | Flotilla to Alaska | Shearwater to Rescue Bay

After a busy day doing chores in Shearwater, we were ready to get back to the fun part of cruising—anchoring in remote, beautiful places! From Shearwater, we headed west out Seaforth Channel towards the ocean, then turned north, transited Reid Passage, and slipped through Perceval Narrows. This is a relatively complicated route, but it avoids the worst of the swells in Milbanke Sound. The south entrance of Reid Passage can … Read more

Day 10 | Flotilla to Alaska | Pruth Bay to Codville Lagoon

Another voluntary early departure! We left Pruth Bay shortly after 7:00 a.m. The water was glassy when we pulled anchor, and by the time we were out in Hakai Passage we were surfing some gentle swells back in toward Fitz Hugh Sound. Codville Lagoon is a scenic, spacious anchorage with a nice hike to Sagar Lake. We were even able to get a weak cellular internet connection here! After we … Read more

Meyers Narrows and Kynumpt Harbour

We left Port Stephens with no particular destination in mind. Once again, rain poured down. Given the rainfall, not much scenery was visible and riding around in the dinghy wasn’t very attractive, so we figured we’d make miles. We hate to zoom through such an interesting section of coast, but frankly, we’re ready for summer. Outside of Port Stephens conditions weren’t very summer-like. Gusty southerly wind, 1-3 foot chop, sideways … Read more