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Flotilla Testimonials

“Sam, we can’t thank you enough for all you have done for us. Not just the numerous fixit items, but your great knowledge of all things boating. You have such a great attitude & wonderful sense of humor…Thanks again for helping us achieve a dream.”

—Guy & Gale, Grand Banks 46 Stormy


 “Sam, we can’t thank you enough for guiding us up to Alaska. It’s been such a great time getting know you. Please sign us up for the next flotilla!”

—Linda & Vincent, West Coast 46 Doll Face

“Sam, You have done a wonderful job guiding us, supporting us and introducing us to this phenomenal world. My confidence has greatly increased to where I feel comfortable exploring on my own. I hope our paths continue to meet both up here and in the Lower 48.”

—Paul, Coastal Craft 40 Taliesin II

“Speaking as the relatively new owner of a 50+ foot boat, cruising with Sam was the best investment we could have made. Before, I was a bit anxious about heading to Alaska. After weeks on the water with Sam, we’re ready to head through the Panama Canal. And it was fun! Thanks for the great planning & learning.”

—Mike and Aillene, Eagle 53 Event Horizon