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Lowe Inlet Marine Provincial Park, BC

Lowe Inlet is a scenic anchorage strategically located along Grenville Channel. We prefer anchoring in Nettle Basin. One or two boats can anchor in front of the waterfall, no swinging room required, since the current holds the boat in place. Additional boats can anchor throughout Nettle Basin, although much of it is 80 feet deep or more. We’ve seen as many as a dozen boats anchored here and nobody felt crowded. The bottom is rocky, though, and we’ve heard of boats dragging anchor when the wind came up in the night. Be sure your anchor is well set.

For some reason, the waterfall produces a constant stream of foam. The foam looks like bergy bits and a stream is usually visible well into Nettle Basin.

Verney Falls is beautiful. Once the salmon start running, it’s not uncommon to see bears fishing in the falls. We’ve even seen them swim from one side to the other!

Some guides report a trail up to a lake. We’ve never found it. Remnants of a native fish trap are in the tidelands north of the falls outflow, and some cannery remains are visible elsewhere along the shoreline.

Lat/Lon: {53.5553029,-129.5798717}


Anchorage/Holding: Fair
Mooring Ball: No
Dock: No
Protection: Good
Public/Private: Public
Fee: No
Fuel Available: No
Potable Water: No
Electric: None
Garbage: No
Pumpout: No
Maintenance: No
Groceries: No
Laundry: No
Liquor: No
Transportation: No
Cell Service: None
WiFI: No

Slowboat Tips and Activities

Explore the inlet by dinghy or kayak.

Entry/Exit Hazards

Photo Gallery


A cannery once operated in Lowe Inlet.


We’ve seen bears in tidelands fishing in Verney Falls.

Last update of this page: Apr 14, 2019

Last in-person visit by Slowboat team: May 22, 2018

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