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Tracy Arm Cove, AK

Tracy Arm Cove is the best anchorage for cruisers exploring Tracy Arm or Endicott Arm. It’s easily entered, has good holding in moderate depths, and is ideally located near the entrance to Tracy Arm. It’s also beautiful, with mountain scenery, bears frequently on shore, and icebergs floating by. About the only downside is the crowds. Don’t expect to be alone.

Getting to Tracy Arm Cove requires crossing the Tracy Arm Bar. The channel is marked and charted, but currents run to six knots. Icebergs can shoot across the bar and must be avoided. Sometimes the current is so strong, the entrance buoys get pulled underwater. The current flows smoothly, though, and doesn’t present a direct hazard.

Tracy Arm Cove is the first nook on the port side when entering. Enter carefully, avoiding the charted rocks extending south from the point and the shoal extending east from shore. The anchorage is larger than it appears on the charts, with room for perhaps 15 boats. Holding is good in 20-50 feet of water. Occasionally small bergs make their way into the anchorage and bump into boats, but the largest icebergs can’t seem to make it past the shoals at the entrance.

Lat/Lon: {57.80990995586723,-133.63571985887984}


Anchorage/Holding: Good
Mooring Ball: No
Dock: No
Protection: Good
Public/Private: Public
Fee: No
Fuel Available: No
Potable Water: No
Electric: None
Garbage: No
Pumpout: No
Maintenance: No
Groceries: No
Laundry: No
Liquor: No
Transportation: No
Cell Service: None
WiFI: No

Slowboat Tips and Activities

Good staging for visiting Tracy Arm or Endicott Arm.

Entry/Exit Hazards

Follow the charted channel between the rocks extending south from the point and the shoal extending east from shore.

Icebergs are usually outside the cove, and often drift into the cove.

Photo Gallery



We’ve often seen bears on shore.

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Last in-person visit by Slowboat team: June 5, 2018

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