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Varney Bay, BC

Varney Bay is surrounded by forested hills with a few homes along the shoreline. The anchorage itself is easy, with 25-40 foot depths and good holding. Winds can funnel out of Marble River, but we haven’t found them problematic in normal summer conditions.

Three things keep bringing us back to Varney Bay: the dinghy trip up Marble River, the dinghy trip to Coal Harbour, and good cell service (a rarity on this section of coast!).

Lat/Lon: {50.54304539847197,-127.51950142501369}


Anchorage/Holding: Good
Mooring Ball: No
Dock: No
Protection: Average
Public/Private: Public
Fee: No
Fuel Available: No
Potable Water: No
Electric: None
Garbage: No
Pumpout: No
Maintenance: No
Groceries: No
Laundry: No
Liquor: No
Transportation: No
Cell Service: Average
WiFI: No

Coal Harbour, just a few miles away, has fresh water, fuel, and laundry, but no other services.

Slowboat Tips and Activities

Explore Marble River by dinghy or kayak. This winding, meandering river traverses a magnificent marble canyon, complete with resident seals, eagles, and other wildlife. Enter an hour or two before high tide and go as far as you can. Approach cautiously and bring a camera!

Entry/Exit Hazards

Enter carefully, between the charted rock that’s about mid-channel and the north shoreline. Depths at the entrance are shallower than charted. Depths shoal rapidly off the mudflats at the south end of the bay.

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