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Vixen Harbor, AK

Vixen Harbor is a beautiful, secure anchorage just around the corner to the northeast of Meyers Chuck, Alaska. It is well protected from all directions, large enough to hold several boats, and has solid holding in a mud bottom. Entry is narrow and requires care, with 6-9 feet depth in center channel at zero tide. Enter via the west entrance, as the east entrance is hazardous.

Lat/Lon: {55.797381,-132.172626}


Anchorage/Holding: Excellent
Mooring Ball: No
Dock: No
Protection: Excellent
Public/Private: Public
Fee: No
Fuel Available: No
Potable Water: No
Electric: None
Garbage: No
Pumpout: No
Maintenance: No
Groceries: No
Laundry: No
Liquor: No
Transportation: No
Cell Service: Poor
WiFI: No

Cell/Internet: Weak AT&T, No Verizon, No T-Mobile, No GCI
Notes: There are often commercial crab traps in Vixen Harbor.

Slowboat Tips and Activities

Explore by dinghy, crabbing, fishing.

Consider a visit to Anan Bear & Wildlife Observatory (permit required July 5-August 25), temporary anchorage only in Anan Bay. Nearby overnight spots we like: Berg Bay, Thoms Place, Meyers Chuck.

Entry/Exit Hazards

Entry to Vixen Harbor requires a bit of care, particularly since the various guidebooks and sources have conflicting and somewhat incorrect information. The charts show two possible entrances. The west entrance is (by far) the best, even though it shows on the chart as intertidal. See the aerial photos below (the west entrance is the one on the right). We found the minimum depth at zero tide to be about 9′ in the center of the channel, dropping to as little as 6′ if you stray a few feet from the center. It is best to enter at higher tides and keep a straight line down the center of the channel.

The east entrance is not recommended (even though it looks best on the charts) It is heavily shoaled and has eelgrass at the surface at lower tides.

Photo Gallery



Seals, birds, humpbacks sometimes just outside around the point

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Last in-person visit by Slowboat team: July 8, 2018

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