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Slowboat Posts

Day 30 | Flotilla to Alaska | Deep Bay to Sitka

Deep Bay to Sitka is a technical 30 nautical miles. The first challenge is Sergius Narrows, where currents run to 9 knots. Slack today was at 7:31 a.m. and it takes about 30 minutes to get from Deep Bay to the narrows. We left at 7:00 a.m. and the timing…


Day 29 | Flotilla to Alaska | Takatz Bay to Deep Bay

We left Takatz Bay, headed up Chatham Strait, then into Peril Strait and on to Deep Bay. Anchorage to anchorage is just over 53 nautical miles, one of the longer days of the trip. The forecast was for sun and light winds, which made it difficult to leave Takatz Bay…

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Day 28 | Flotilla to Alaska | Warm Springs Bay to Takatz Bay

Today we had a short hop up to Takatz Bay — about 9 nautical miles. Before departing we invited everyone over to Airship/Safe Harbour for breakfast: Laura’s crab cakes benedict (using the fresh crab we caught the day before), Sam’s breakfast potatoes, and coffee.We managed not to take any photos…


Day 27 | Flotilla to Alaska | Red Bluff Bay to Warm Springs Bay

Red Bluff Bay to Warm Springs Bay is a quick run…about 20 nautical miles, straight up Chatham Strait. But Chatham Strait can be a challenging body of water. It’s 130 nautical miles from south to north and eight miles east to west. A big body of water. Even 10-15 knots…

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Day 26 | Flotilla to Alaska | Pybus Bay to Red Bluff Bay

We had a mostly smooth, rainy cruise out of Pybus Bay as we headed for Baranof Island. The east side of Baranof Island has some of the best anchorages in Southeast Alaska. They’re dramatic, with peaks towering thousands of feet above, snowfields and hanging glaciers in view, and waterfalls everywhere.…

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Day 25 | Flotilla to Alaska | Portage Bay to Pybus Bay

The cruise up Frederick Sound from Portage Bay to Pybus Bay is about 33 nautical miles. The wind was mostly calm (10 knots or so) with just the slightest chop. The sun was even out for a bit! We were hoping for some humpbacks today. Frederick Sound, especially around the…

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Day 24 | Flotilla to Alaska | Petersburg to Portage Bay

We got up early and left late from Petersburg this morning after a flurry of grocery shopping, laundry, and other miscellaneous chores. We won’t have access to any amenities again until we reach Sitka, so it’s nice to stock up while we can. The weather was quite nice for our…

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Day 23 | Flotilla to Alaska | Le Conte Glacier

“You made it across the entrance bar??” a fellow cruiser asked incredulously. For some reason, Exploring Southeast Alaska, the most popular cruising guide for this area, makes it sound difficult, even dangerous, to go up Le Conte Bay: “We do not recommend it, except for expeditionary-type excursions…you must favor the…