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Getting to the San Juan Islands from the South

Cruising in the Pacific Northwest is characterized by “gates,” or challenging bodies of water that must be traversed to get to the next cruising area. Slowboat is helping to demystify each of these gates. In this segment, Laura Domela and Sam Landsman discuss how to get to the San Juan Islands from the…


Safe Harbour | Winter Boating in the San Juans

Three weeks have elapsed since I wrote from Sucia Island. Since then, I’ve been wandering around the San Juans, trying to stay warm and avoid the worst of the windy weather we’ve been experiencing. Destinations have included Jones Island, Fisherman Bay, Blind Bay, Friday Harbor, Sylvan Cove, Brigantine Bay, Cypress…

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Clearing U.S. Customs by Boat in WA and AK

Traveling the Inside Passage in British Columbia, Canada by boat? This presentation makes clearing customs into the U.S. easy and stress-free. Sam Landsman and Laura Domela share the lessons of numerous crossings – leading flotillas up the Inside Passage from Anacortes, Washington through BC up to SE Alaska. Click here…

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Safe Harbour | Back to the San Juans

Half a mile outside of Elliott Bay Marina, I peeked into the engine room and saw hot, strawberry-red coolant spraying out of a now-disconnected hose. Twenty knots of southerly breeze was pushing me towards Magnolia Bluff. Instinctively I dropped the anchor and shut down the engine. This was a maintenance-induced…

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