Day 9 | Flotilla to Alaska | Blunden Harbour to Fury Cove

Around Cape Caution! When we fell asleep last night, Environment Canada (Central Coast zone) was calling for “wind light” and seas one meter all day. Windy (ECMWF model) was showing this: Forecasts don’t get much better than that, but forecasts aren’t always right. So when we woke up at 4:30 a.m. we checked West Sea Otter buoy, where the wind was gusting to 4 knots and the seas were a … Read more

Day 9 | Flotilla to Alaska | Fury Cove to Pruth Bay

The group was up early this morning and opted to depart Fury Cove at 7:00 a.m., rather than the “Hey let’s sleep in and leave at 9” decision we chatted about last night at dinner. I guess it’s tough not to leave with conditions like this (note the still-present fog bank out on Fitz Hugh Sound): Conditions out on Fitz Hugh were calm (and foggy), the cruise was on the … Read more

Day 8 | Flotilla to Alaska | Blunden Harbour to Fury Cove

Rounding Cape Caution is often the least comfortable section of the trip between Washington and Southeast Alaska. It’s one of just two places where we must leave the protection of the Inside Passage and venture into the open ocean. At first glance, the weather forecast was ideal: wind light, building to northwesterly 10-15 knots in the afternoon. Windy and Windfinder both showed winds in the 0-10 knot range through the … Read more