Day 11 | West Side of Vancouver Island Flotilla | Bunsby Islands to Walters Cove

Airship left the Bunsby Islands first, just before 8:30am for the 10nm cruise over to Walters Cove. There was no rush to arrive at Walters Cove early, but we were hoping to find space on the public dock, and with one lead boat in first, we’d be able to help the rest get settled. The sea was calm, the sky clear, and we had hardly any wind. It was a … Read more

West Side of Vancouver Island Flotilla | Day 6 | Bunsby Islands to Walters Cove/Kyuquot

The narrow entrance to Walters Cove is a fun navigational challenge. The channel is well-charted and well-marked, but it’s narrow and winding. Looking in from the outside, the buoys look more like a random sprinkling of green and red than a defined channel. The chart clarifies the path, but it can still be intimidating. Inside Walters Cove, we found the public dock almost empty, with ample room for the whole … Read more