Days 1-2 | 2023 Flotilla to Alaska | Prevost Harbor to Ganges to Tribune Bay

Day 1

Not a lot to report for Day 1! We had an easy cruise from Stuart Island into Canadian waters, clearing customs via phone (thanks Nexus) with no drama and gorgeous weather. We met our fourth boat here in Ganges Harbour (a Selene 45 called Two’s Out, visible just to the left of the tall piling in the photo above) and then we commenced provisioning and wandering around Ganges. Later in the day we all met up on Airship for a light happy hour and to go over the plan for the next few days. The excitement level is high!

Day 2

Today’s cruise was a longish one (68nm) up to Tribune Bay on Hornby Island, but we figured we should make miles while the conditions are so nice (and since all of us have seen this area…best to get to the new spots faster!)

Sunrise at Ganges Marina
Seabear casting off lines
Morning light in Ganges as we head out
Float plane dock
Tug anchored just outside the marina
Seabear just south of Dodd Narrows
Big ship at anchor outside of Nanaimo

Conditions in the Strait of Georgia were just how we like ’em — alternating rippled/glassy!

We’re all now anchored in Tribune Bay, a large anchorage open to the south on Hornby Island. There’s a long sandy beach perfect for stretching your legs, and plenty of room for many boats.

Two’s Out at anchor in Tribune Bay (Airship in background)

Tomorrow we’ll leave late in the morning to catch the evening slack at Seymour Narrows…next stop: Kanish Bay!