Day 22 | Flotilla to Alaska | Explorer Basin to Red Bluff Bay

As we exited Explorer Basin this morning, we found Chatham Strait FAR less bumpy than the previous day. Additionally, we were greeted by several groups of humpbacks feeding on the herring that were everywhere!! The herring balls were too prevalent and moved too quickly to be steered around, yet every time we drove through one we worried that a whale might surface and strike the boat. If you’ve been whale … Read more

Day 21 | Flotilla to Alaska | Egg Harbor to Explorer Basin

After the bumpy pre-breakfast ride up Chatham Strait we were hungry, so we used the rest of the fresh crab we’d caught and made a crab eggs benedict brunch on Airship. So delicious! Most of us just relaxed onboard instead of doing any big dinghy excursions since it was so windy out. We did an early easy happy hour on the raft, and everyone returned to their boats for whatever … Read more

Day 20 | Flotilla to Alaska | Bay of Pillars to Egg Harbor

Coronation Island is beautiful in an entirely different way than Pybus Bay or Thomas Bay. Those places have towering mountains, snowfields, and waterfalls. Coronation Island, situated out in the ocean, just south of Chatham Strait, has a rugged, swell-carved coastline dotted with sea caves, arches, and occasional sandy beaches. Getting to Coronation Island requires favorable weather. Even when the wind isn’t blowing, strong currents and ocean swells can make conditions … Read more

Day 19 | Flotilla to Alaska | Pybus Bay to Bay of Pillars

This morning we woke to bits of blue sky and nice calm waters. We departed Pybus Bay and headed for Bay of Pillars on Kuiu Island. We spotted several humpbacks spouting in the distance in Frederick Sound, but nothing very close. Soon after we turned into Chatham Strait, however, we were treated to a group of humpbacks lunge feeding on herring balls. After watching the whales for a bit, we … Read more

Day 18 | Flotilla to Alaska | Thomas Bay to Pybus Bay

We awoke to patchy fog and low clouds in Thomas Bay and departed about 7:00 a.m. Even without yesterday’s sunshine, Thomas Bay is beautiful. We forgot to mention…yesterday evening in Thomas Bay, Julie and David from Dog Star were out in their dinghy watching the shoreline and came across a group of arctic terns. They shared some photos with us to share on the blog! Arctic Terns are known for … Read more

Day 17 | Flotilla to Alaska | Petersburg to Thomas Bay

The leg from Petersburg to Sitka is the longest of the trip without services. For the next 10 days and 350nm, we’ll be away from groceries, fuel, water, and garbage. Before leaving, most of us grabbed one final breakfast ashore at Salty Pantry. Everything was delicious! We think the next couple weeks, between Petersburg, Sitka, and Juneau, are the most scenic of the entire Inside Passage. Heading out of Petersburg … Read more

Day 16 | Flotilla to Alaska | Petersburg

Today was a free day in Petersburg. We awoke to clear blue skies and bright sunshine, with a predicted high of about 68 degrees F! How did we get so lucky? We spent the day exploring, provisioning, and enjoying the glorious weather! Petersburg is a proud fishing town and we love looking at all the boats. The sunny weather had many crews outside doing maintenance: painting, sanding, scrubbing, etc. Walking … Read more

Day 15 | Flotilla to Alaska | Day Trip to Le Conte Glacier

Glacier day! For most cruisers, their first visit to a tidewater glacier is both exciting and anxiety-inducing. Since Le Conte Glacier is so close to Petersburg (about 20nm away), it’s an easy day trip. Several years ago we started visiting Le Conte on just a few of the flotilla boats. This lets some people have a day off from driving their boat and allows others to make their first glacier … Read more

Day 14 | Flotilla to Alaska | Wrangell to Petersburg

The shortest navigable route from Wrangell to Petersburg is through Wrangell Narrows, a narrow, winding, rock-laden 22 nautical mile passageway with swift current and lots of traffic. In order to minimize opposing current, we typically time our departure from Wrangell so that we arrive at Papke’s Landing, where the flooding from the north and south meets, at high tide. That way we ride the dying flood into Wrangell Narrows, and … Read more

Day 13 | Flotilla to Alaska | Thoms Place to Wrangell

Thoms Place to Wrangell is a fun, easy, well-protected, 24 nautical mile route through Zimovia Strait. We were not particularly worried about the current through Zimovia, as it is more a nuisance than a hazard, so we opted for a 7AM departure. After all our early mornings, departing at seven felt pretty luxurious, and still allows us plenty of time to explore Wrangell during our one-night stopover. The charming and … Read more