Day 23 | Flotilla to Alaska | Thoms Place to Wrangell

Another sunny day! We are getting seriously spoiled by the recent weather.

Leaving Thoms Place

Airship left Thoms Place at 8:00 a.m. this morning, a little earlier than the others. The transient moorage at Heritage Harbor in Wrangell is first-come first-served, so it helps to have a lead boat get in first and help find space for the others.

Prior to leaving we pulled up the two traps we had out and found this:

Six keeper Dungeness in the traps this morning at Thoms Place

Laura spent a good portion of the cruise to Wrangell cooking and picking crab meat. (Note: this is fun now, but definitely gets a bit old by the end of the summer–crab is a ton of work!)

Six crabs cooked and picked, six to go! Crab enchiladas are on the menu for tomorrow night in Petersburg.

We had a beautiful, scenic cruise to Wrangell,  found room on the docks for everyone, then set out for a little exploring and walking in town. Most of town was closed up for Memorial Day, save for a couple bars, Bob’s IGA, an ice cream shop…and the laundromat.

“Fishing is great at Wrangell, Alaska”
Jester and Airship in Heritage Harbor (Safe Harbour and Salish Spirit on the other side of the dock)
Dandelions on the way into town
The Wrangell laundromat
Taking our favorite short cut through the shipyard as we headed back to the marina

Later in the afternoon we attempted to shuttle folks by dinghy out to the petroglyph beach, but the wind had picked up enough that by the time we’d gotten just past town we were all getting soaked by spray from the chop, so we aborted and went to the pub instead.

View from the pier in front of the Stikine Inn

We all had dinner at the Stikine Inn with a nice view and good food, then dinghied back to the marina afterwards. Fortunately, the  ride back was not quite as wet as our ride in.

Heritage Harbor
Polymela at the dock, Heritage Harbor

Today’s total: 23.9nm, 3 hours 30 minutes underway
Flotilla total: 757.2nm, 106 hours 32 minutes underway