Glacier Bay National Park | Exploring Reid Glacier

On Friday morning we dinghied over to Reid Glacier and walked around for an hour or so, exploring the ice and rocks and waterfalls. It’s difficult to explain just how cool this was, so I’m going to post a ton of photos instead of words.

reidglacierpano-1100 reidglacierpano-1102

Sam and Anna in the fast dinghy:


Arriving on shore:


Tiny dots, bottom center of photo are Sam and Anna:

GBNP_reid-3973 GBNP_reid-3974 GBNP_reid-3975 GBNP_reid-3980 GBNP_reid-3990 GBNP_reid-3993 GBNP_reid-3994 GBNP_reid-3998 GBNP_reid-4002

Taking turns standing on the glacier for photo ops:

GBNP_reid-4010 GBNP_reid-4006 GBNP_reid-4015

GBNP_reid-4016 GBNP_reid-4017 GBNP_reid-4019 GBNP_reid-4024

Kevin in red, for scale:

GBNP_reid-4032 GBNP_reid-4035 GBNP_reid-4036 GBNP_reid-4038 GBNP_reid-4040

Deke with the long lens:

GBNP_reid-4044 GBNP_reid-4055

It’s like being on another planet!


We found a few bear prints in the mud (that’s an iPhone 6…not 6 plus…for scale):

GBNP_reid-4066 GBNP_reid-4070 GBNP_reid-4073 GBNP_reid-4079 GBNP_reid-4081

Airship and Safe Harbour, rafted (with the Grand Pacific Glacier far in the background):

GBNP_reid-4087 GBNP_reid-4089

Back on board we made a delicious brunch. Sam and Anna made potato waffles (hash-browns mixed with egg and spices cooked in the waffle maker) and I made a pan of cheesy scrambled eggs to go with ’em.

Next stop: Lamplugh Glacier and Johns Hopkins Inlet (with many, many more glacier photos).