Circumnavigating Vancouver Island Flotilla | Day 15 | Tahsis to Hisnit Inlet

In the morning after a bit more of an internet fix and a few more fishing items purchased, the boats left the marina. The staff puts what’s left after fish-cleaning operations out on the breakwater for the birds, and these young eagles were having breakfast as we motored past.

It was foggy in the early morning, but by the time we left the marina it had started to clear, and by the time we were out about a mile or two it had cleared completely.

A lone humpback in Tahsis Channel surfaced and dove a few times nearby, giving us some good photo ops…

…and a lone black bear on shore entertained us while we waited between humpback dives:

Prior to turning into Hisnit Inlet, Ralph and Jeanette on Rhapsody, Vince from Doll Face (out in his dinghy after anchoring), and Laura and Kevin on Airship decided to troll for salmon for a while using their new gear and techniques learned in Tahsis. A few too-small coho were caught and released, but Ralph and Jeanette caught a nice sized one (27.5 inches)!

Hisnit Inlet is a beautiful, well-protected, and spacious anchorage. The only downside is the clear cutting on the surrounding hills. Here’s the view looking aft while motoring in:

And the anchorage:

Once anchored, Kevin filleted the coho and we grilled it for the group for dinner!

These fillets barely fit on the grill!

We served the grilled salmon with veggie salad, a Thai noodle salad, some homemade bread, and jambalaya!

Today’s Route: 25.4 nautical miles, 5 hours 48 minutes underway (includes fishing time)
Flotilla Total: 475.1 nautical miles, 72 hours 27 minutes underway

Tahsis to Hisnit Inlet, with a detour to fish a bit