Circumnavigating Vancouver Island Flotilla | Day 24 | Robbers Passage to Bamfield

September 12 – We’re starting to analyze the weather for our run in the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Victoria. Based on the current models, it looks like we’ll have a good two days to make the run this weekend, September 15 and 16. With three more days in Barkley Sound, we figured we’d head to Bamfield today, explore a bit, and then head out to Effingham Bay for the final two nights.

The trip into Bamfield was easy, except for a surprise whale breach just in front of Rhapsody!

Just outside Bamfield Inlet many boats were out fishing, so Kevin and Laura stopped to troll a while, and Vince came out in his dinghy after getting Doll Face settled on the dock. They both had quite a few bites but no catches.

We all found space on the West Bamfield Public Dock and spent the afternoon wandering the boardwalk, exploring Brady’s Beach, or visiting East Bamfield. Bamfield was charming once again!

We all went to The Pub in East Bamfield for dinner. After cooking aboard since Ucluelet, it was great to have a meal out!

A large shoal lies off the West Bamfield dock. We’re told one boat grounds on it a day. It’s easy to see why: the shoal is not well marked and it’s easy to divert attention away from the charts when you’re pulling up to a dock. We’d warned everyone in the group about the rock beforehand, and everyone made it in without incident. Well, until the dinghy trip back from dinner. We knew we were cutting across the shoal area (there’s usually enough water for a dinghy), but Sam (who was standing to get a better view) said something like “I might fall on you in a moment if we hit the rock.” Three seconds later, the dinghy ground to a stop (he didn’t fall)! With the outboard tilted up a bit, we made it across, but the timing was perfect (and we were only going a couple knots, so no damage…just a lot of laughing)!

Today’s Route: 14.2 nautical miles, 4 hours 57 minutes underway
Flotilla Total: 598.6 nautical miles, 93 hours 8 minutes underway

Robbers Passage to Bamfield