Days 28-29 | Flotilla to Alaska | Sitka

Our time in Sitka has been spent visiting museums and restaurants, shopping, riding bikes around town, walking the trail in the Sitka National Historic Park, and just generally getting some off-boat exercise! Oh and also doing chores like laundry, groceries, refilling dinghy fuel and propane, etc.

Sitka National Historic Park…nice to get out and walk in the woods!
Recent bear sighting (three days ago…we didn’t see any)
Totem, Sitka National Historic Park
Totem, Sitka National Historic Park
Dining room in the Russian Bishop’s House.
Free, guided tour of the Russian Bishop’s House with an informative and entertaining NPS ranger.
A bedroom in the Russian Bishop’s House.
The Sheldon Jackson museum was the first concrete building constructed in Alaska. It houses an extensive collection of native artifacts.
Some of the many artifacts at the Sheldon Jackson Museum.
Shoreline, on our way back from park and museums
Shoreline, on our way back from park and museums

Some of us went back to Beak for brunch on Sunday morning, and shared a few of their fabulous donuts as an appetizer. This place gets busy fast, so they recommend showing up at 9:30a.m. to wait in line for their 10:00a.m. opening time. This tip (given to us by our server the night before) proved very helpful!

Donuts from Beak, Sunday Brunch (creme brulee, spruce tip, salted caramel, and maple bacon…all fantastic)
One of the old houses on Katlian Street
Scotty Saline’s place on Katlian Street…different every year! (We think the mast is new since we were last in Sitka.)
Scott tells us about his big plans for the place

A few photos taken around town over the weekend:

Creative solar placement on this truck in the marina parking lot:

As sunny and clear as Saturday was, Sunday was the opposite.

For our last night in Sitka (Monday night), we all met at Mangiare, the restaurant at the Sitka Hotel downtown. The food was really good! We will definitely eat here again when we’re back in Sitka!