Day 29 | 2023 Flotilla to Alaska | Red Bluff Bay to Takatz Bay

Another beautiful morning (before the “mostly cloudy” sets in)!

Two’s Out this morning at anchor in Red Bluff Bay

We stopped to pick up our prawn traps on the way out of Red Bluff Bay and had 55 more spot prawns. Yum!

Nice and calm in Chatham Strait today for our run up to Takatz Bay.

Chatham Strait, looking across to Frederick Sound. So calm today!

There were no other boats anchored in Takatz Bay when we arrived, which is quite rare!

Entering Takatz Bay

We got out to do some dinghy exploring and maybe a closer look at the bears on shore, but by the time we got up there the bears were back in the woods. Maybe later!

Dinghy exploring Takatz Bay
We only got a little ways up river at the head of the bay…tide’s still pretty low
Airship, Free Solo, and Seabear anchored in Takatz Bay

There’s one other boat in here now, and a Nat Geo cruise boat that anchored out around the corner. Nat Geo guides are shuttling in and out their clients via black RIBs, likely looking for bears just like we are.

After the other bear watchers (who were actually going ashore as well) were all gone, we figured we might have a fighting chance to see a bear, so we got in the dinghies and headed up to the river that empties in the bay, and guess what? One nice big brown bear munching grass!

After a bunch of grass, the bear swam across the little island it was on and back to the shore, continuing to smell and munch on other trees and bushes along the way.

Ralph and Jeanette (from Free Solo) took this photo of us (with Betty and Joanna from Two’s Out) watching the bear.

Tonight we’ll do dinner on our own and then tomorrow head to Deep Bay to position for going into Sitka the following day. The forecast is telling us we might be in Sitka for a few extra days, so we’ll see. If we have to sit out weather in any town, Sitka’s a great spot to do that!

Back on Airship, Kevin went up for some aerial photos, and I think if you zoom in on the little grassy island in a couple of the shots, you can see two bears on it!!! Takatz doesn’t disappoint, for sure!

What a day!!