Days 32 – 34 | 2023 Flotilla to Alaska | A Few Days in Sitka

We spent the past few days exploring Sitka, doing boat projects/maintenance/chores, shopping, letting others cook for us, and walking walking walking! The list of places we all visited is long and varied: attractions included the Raptor Center, Fortress of the Bear, the Sitka National Historic Park, the Sheldon Jackson Museum, the Sitka Science Center, St. Michael’s Cathedral, and the Russian Bishop’s House. Restaurants included the Channel Club, Beak, Ludvig’s Bistro, Sitka Pel’Meni, and Mangiare (for our group dinner). Shops we visited: Alaska Pure Sea Salt, Raven’s Hook art/craft supply, Old Harbor Books, and of course the grocery store.

It’s always fun to see what Scotty at Sea Daddy is up to and how his place changes from year to year. This year, he’s got the restaurant part of things up and running, serving fish on a stick with homemade tartar sauce. We didn’t get to try it this time, but will for sure the next…reviews are good!

This century old clan house (on the right, one of only 9 remaining in Sitka) is now collapsing into the hillside.

The Sitka Hotel, Fur Gallery, and Pioneer Home on the left:

Walking along the waterfront (with all the ship passengers! so many people!!) to get to the totem park:

Looking toward town, Mt. Edgecumbe visible on this partly sunny day:

The Sitka National Historic Park:

St. Peter’s by the Sea Episcopal Church reflection in the round mirror:

St. Michael’s Cathedral:

We’re all exercised, chored, laundried, and provisioned up with groceries and goodies, and will be heading out early tomorrow morning for Appleton Cove. The weather patterns this week have been frustrating, but hopefully we’ll be able to stay on (or close to on) schedule as we begin the last leg of our flotilla…about 9 days. (Next up: Appleton Cove, Pavlof Harbor, Couverden Island Cove, Taku Harbor, Tracy Arm, Ford’s Terror, and then up to Juneau where we will finish up the flotilla.

Evening light in the marina