Day 24 | 2024 Flotilla to Alaska | Petersburg to Pybus Bay

Another 6am departure time…but really only because today was a 52nm day…and conditions out on Frederick Sound were glassy and gorgeous so why NOT be out there as soon as we wake?

Bye Petersburg!
Low wispy clouds along the edge of the hillsides
Exiting Wrangell Narrows into Frederick Sound
Exiting Wrangell Narrows into Frederick Sound
Passing the Sukoi Islets, looking east

This view as we head north from Petersburg never gets old. Devil’s Thumb (the tallest point in this mountain range) was obscured by the clouds, but it’s fine…we may see it again next time.

We even had some blue skies and sunshine for a minute today!!

As we neared Admiralty Island, we could see precipitation ahead and many more clouds. It wasn’t looking good for us to get a sunny, open view of the gigantic mountain bowl at Cannery Cove. Oh well. It’s a rainforest…gotta roll with it.

We saw a few humpbacks along the route, but the closest one (a huge one!) surfaced about 200ft from Airship and then dove before we could snap a photo.

We expect to be here a couple nights to wait for the front coming through…we’ll likely get out on Thursday…and hope the conditions in Southern Chatham have died down by then.

Two’s Out anchored in Cannery Cove, Pybus Bay
Rainy view from Airship’s galley

The rain eventually stopped for a bit…a few more photos:

We had crab tostadas for the second night in a row because they were just SO. GOOD. So I’ll put the “recipe” such as it is below.

Fresh Crab Tostadas

Fresh crab
Tillamook Mexican cheese

For Slaw:
Green onions
Lime juice
Rice wine vinegar
Sesame oil
Olive oil
Salt & pepper

Directions (Note that I didn’t measure anything…so you’ll have to work that out yourselves):

Put tostadas on a sheet plan, sprinkle with cheese, then top with a generous handful of fresh cooked crab.
Heat at 350 or so for about 15 minutes until cheese is melty and crab is warm.

Slaw: In bowl, mix fresh lime juice, mayo, a little sesame oil, olive oil, salt and pepper until you get a not-too-thick slurry. Add thinly sliced cabbage and green onions and toss to coat.

When crab tostadas are done, remove from oven and top with salsa of your choice (I used mango tomato salsa that was perfect and a little fruity), then with a heap of slaw.