Day 37 | 2024 Flotilla to Alaska | Funter Bay to Taku Harbor

We left Funter Bay early this morning…6:30am. The chop making its way into the bay woke us up and we figured as long as we were up we might as well be out there.

About 30 minutes into the cruise north up Lynn Canal and before we rounded Point Retreat, a humpback breached a few times off our port bow. Love when that happens!

Looking west…the marine layer obstructs much of the landscape.

Ithaka in Lynn Canal
Point Retreat Lighthouse
Selene Melissa Lynn in Lynn Canal
Mendenhall Glacier

The scenery in this area is just breathtaking.

We all found space on the dock at Taku Harbor, and quickly after getting settled took off to explore and stretch our legs.

Kevin on the rope swing:

Tiger Olson’s old house (the siding is the tin used for salmon cans):

The remains of the old cannery:

We put chairs and tables on the dock and had a super fun dockside happy hour, meeting and chatting with quite a few other boaters — locals from Juneau and Sitka as well as folks from out of town — small boats, sailboats, superyachts, fishing boats. The dock at Taku isn’t the place for solitude — it’s definitely a place for being social in a gorgeous locale, and meeting other likeminded people who love the things we do: boats, and SE Alaska.