Day 40-41 | 2024 Flotilla to Alaska | Tracy Arm Cove to Ford’s Terror

We left Tracy Arm Cove around 9:30am. We had some good current against us as we exited Tracy Arm Bar but then a nice push up Endicott Arm for the rest of the day. We probably could have left later, but this way we have a nice time buffer to stop for whales or pick our way through ice, or whatever the day throws at us.

Tracy Arm Cove reflection…I might have taken this last night, I don’t remember, but I love the reflection!
Sumdum Glacier

We saw a few orcas, and a few humpbacks, but didn’t get any photos. Not much ice in Endicott between the bar and the turnoff for Ford’s Terror, but there looked to be more ahead toward Dawes Glacier.

We arrived early enough at the entrance to Ford’s Terror for Kevin to launch the dinghy and take whoever wanted to go through the entrance before transiting with the big boats.

Ithaka waiting to enter Ford’s Terror
Friends Bob and Shelly on Great Escape (you might remember them from a past flotilla), departing Ford’s Terror with friends on Somewhere in Time. Great to see them up here again!
Great Escape leaving Ford’s Terror

We went through after the exiting boats were clear…pretty much right at slack.

The extreme grandeur and beauty of this place never ever gets old.

The tiny white dot in the lower left: Airship at anchor

We all anchored and got settled, had some lunch, and then dropped the dinghies for a bit of exploring.

Dinghy group heading over to the east arm
If you go up the right side at the head of the bay, then turn left, there’s a river and a natural amphitheater with many MANY barn swallows who live there.
River ahead
Dinghies enjoying the view
Oh, and waterfalls
Another waterfall
More waterfalls
Dick and Patsy in their dinghy, in front of a waterfall
Water texture on the rocks
Two’s Out and Melissa Lynn dinghies at waterfall
Mike and Garry of Two’s Out at the waterfall
Dinghy group heading back out of the east arm before the current picks up even more

We went to the giant waterfall in the big crack in the wall (very difficult to describe in either words or pictures). Here’s one shot anyway. It’s way WAY cooler in person.

Love this spot on the east side of the inlet:

If you follow the water thousands of feet up that rock, it starts at an ice field above and by the time it gets down here to sea level, it’s warm!

We went back out to the entrance, and the current was definitely moving, but still no standing waves or much drama….easy and fun in the dinghies. There was more ice out there today, and a couple boats anchored outside.

Heading back into Ford’s Terror by dinghy

What a gorgeous first day in here! We had a nice relaxing evening and dinner on our own boats.

In the morning, the light was so pretty across the head of the bay.

Melissa Lynn and Ithaka at anchor
Two’s Out at anchor in Ford’s Terror
Looking back toward the east arm (left) and the exit/entrance (right)
If you look closely, Two’s Out, Melissa Lynn, and Ithaka at anchor near the shoreline

All the tiny white dots in this photo below…our anchored boats (plus a few more):

After our morning coffee, Kevin and I went out to pull the shrimp pots. We got only 13 (coon stripe prawns) last night, so we’re hoping to make a few more for dinner tonight.

While we were pulling pots, Kevin spotted a bear on shore, so after we pulled in our 5 more prawns (and moved the traps to hopefully more lucrative spots) we went over to watch.

Tiny brown dot on shore right at the waterline: youngish brown bear turning over rocks to snack on some grub

I love this photo, below. The light on the bear and the scenery…it’s just so pretty and so ALASKA.

Later on in the afternoon, the second check of the shrimp pot brought in 20 more (tonight’s dinner now in the bag).

Since the weather was still so nice, we decided to get together in the dinghies for a raft-up/happy hour float. Super fun hanging out with this awesome group! We’ll be here for half the day tomorrow before we head out at high slack. Clouds are coming in now so our sunny days may be on temporary hold, but that’s okay. We enjoyed the heck out of the good weather!

Here’s our haul of 38 shrimp once they were cooked/peeled/cleaned. It never looks like as many as you think you’ll have, but they’re so good fresh and are about to go in a prawn risotto (with prawn stock made with the heads this afternoon). Yum!