Airship | From Pelican to Pinta Bay, Kimshan Cove, and Klag Bay

Monday: We opted to leave Pelican on the earlier side (not waiting for the cafe or the store to open)…dropped our lines around 7am and headed for the outside of Chichagof (Pinta Cove, 29nm from Pelican).

Leaving Pelican
Leaving Pelican

Once outside Lisianski Strait we had a bit of swell from the southwest mixed with some wind wave and current — just a little rolly but not bad. We entered Imperial Passage and continued into Pinta Bay. We haven’t visited Pinta Bay before — it’s very pretty and protected. We met up again with Dan and Eileen on Fortunate (they went from Mosquito Cove down the outside of Yakobi Island while we stopped in Pelican). We anchored, and shortly after we were settled Dan, Kevin, and Russ all went out to fish. (Fish were caught, and we’ll be having fresh fish for dinner for the next couple nights…yay!)

Kevin got some nice aerials before people came over for happy hour on Airship.

Pinta Bay anchorage
Shoals at the head of Pinta Bay
Pinta Bay anchorage, looking west

Tonight’s dinner was fresh halibut…I made this recipe, which is one of our repeats for fresh halibut and it was delicious, as always.

Tuesday: In the morning, we pulled our anchors and cruised the short, 7nm cruise over to Kimshan Cove. The wind picked up, as promised, but we’re nicely protected now for the next few days.

Spotted a cute Sitka black tailed doe and her baby in Surveyor Passage this morning on our way to Kimshan Cove:

We all met on Airship for dinner (fresh fish tacos…we grilled the big black bass/rockfish Kevin caught earlier). We seasoned and grilled the fish, and had more than enough for six people!

The weather while at Kimshan was super rainy most of the time so we really didn’t get out to explore much.

Kimshan Bay cabin

Wednesday: We left Kimshan Cove and headed the ~12nm around to Klag Bay (through Smooth Channel and The Gate). This area is full of sea lions and otters! A little ways into Smooth Channel we noticed a larger disturbance in the water surface, and pretty soon saw the reason…a humpback!

We had about 2.5kts of current with us through the narrow part of The Gate, and found one other boat anchored inside Klag Bay. We all anchored, had some breakfast, and then Kevin, Dan, and Russ went out fishing.

Dan, Kevin, and Russ…headed out for some fishing

It’s a different kind of pretty out here on the outside when it’s gray and rainy like this, but it’s a shame not to be able to see the tall snow-capped mountains that surround us. Looks like we may get some clearing over the next few days.

Missie took this super nice photo of our three boats at anchor: