Airship | Redoubt Bay to Three Entrance Bay

Before we left Redoubt Bay yesterday morning, I took a few photos of the family of eagles hanging out in the trees next to us.

We cruised the short 6nm around the corner to Three Entrance Bay, and right outside there were several charter boats fishing, as well as a couple of humpbacks breaching. It was a little far, and rainy and foggy, but I got a few shots anyway:

By the time we got to the entrance of Three Entrance Bay, we had just enough water under the keel in the center of the skinny entrance (about 11 feet was as shallow as we saw). We dropped our anchor in the back bay in about 16 feet. Definitely helpful to have local knowledge before entering. It’s very rocky and super kelpy!

Guess who immediately went out to join the other boats? And guess what was still out there?

It’s serene and very pretty in here…we may stay a couple days!

Dinner tonight: sockeye tostadas!