Slowboat at the 2019 Seattle Boat Show

January 25 – February 2, 2019 It’s that time of year again! The Slowboat team will be presenting six different free seminars at the 2019 Seattle Boat Show. We are excited to share our knowledge with the boat show crowd to help people have a richer, safer, more satisfying cruising experience.  Hope to see you in Seattle! WiFi in the Wilderness – Connected Cruising Kevin Morris, Sam Landsman, Laura Domela Saturday, January 26, … Read more

Another Day in Skull Cove, and Nakwakto Rapids at Max Ebb

Guess what? We liked Skull Cove enough to stay a THIRD day! There is so much to explore around here, and with decent internet we are able to get a lot of work done. It’s also nice to have some down time before we start our next flotilla in three days! This morning we decided to visit Nakwakto Rapids near max ebb. Well, we decided to visit NEAR Nakwakto Rapids, … Read more

Skull Cove, Nakwakto Rapids, Cougar Inlet

We liked Skull Cove so much that we decided to stay another day! This is a beautiful anchorage with endless nooks and crannies to explore, the weather is great, and we have internet so we’re also able to get a lot of work done. We took the dinghies out to Nakwakto Rapids (at slack) to take a look. We were a little bit early and the tide was still ebbing … Read more

Airship | Chapin Bay, Rocky Pass, Point Baker

We got an early start on Saturday morning from Red Bluff Bay. Conditions were nice and calm on Chatham Strait, barely a swell felt. We cruised the 27nm distance to Chapin Bay, on the southern tip of Admiralty Island, and anchored up at the head of the bay in about 50 feet. It rained off and on, but we went out for a dinghy excursion anyway. We chose the next … Read more

Safe Harbour | Le Conte Glacier, Brown Cove, Scenery Cove

When I first came to Alaska, I was unprepared for the scale. Even Southeast—the relatively small portion of the state where I’ve cruised—is truly vast. Somewhere around 70,000 people inhabit an area that stretches more than 300 miles south to north and a hundred miles west to east. Even a few miles from the population centers, it’s easy to find solitude. By solitude, I don’t just mean a lack of … Read more

Day 28 | Flotilla to Alaska | Petersburg to Portage Bay

It was rainy and gray when we woke this morning in Petersburg. We filled our water tanks, picked up a couple of last minute things at the market, and left our slips by about 10:00 a.m. The cruise to Portage Bay was calm and uneventful. Not much wildlife today, but an easy day on the water. Once in Portage Bay, Sam went up with his drone for some overhead shots: … Read more

Slowboat at TrawlerFest 2018

Did you miss our seminars at the Seattle Boat Show earlier this year? Well we’re giving you another chance to catch up with us…we’ll be at TrawlerFest 2018 in Bremerton, Washington, just days before we take off with our 2018 Flotilla to Alaska! Trawlerfest runs from May 1 through May 5th, and we’ll be giving three 2-hour seminars on May 1st and 2nd. Seminars will be held at the Kitsap Conference … Read more

Airship | Cruising Puget Sound and Hood Canal

The Slowboat team had a very successful Seattle Boat Show this year. All of our seminars were well-attended and we got to connect with new and old friends. Plus: boats!!! Airship left Seattle on Monday and headed over to Blake Island for some hiking and relaxing. It was nice to be back at Blake Island, but I think I like it better in the snow! We left Blake Island on … Read more