Slowboat Webinars

Welcome to the Slowboat Webinar Series! These presentations cover a variety of topics—preparing a boat for the Inside Passage, clearing customs by boat, obtaining replacement parts in remote areas, navigating tidal rapids, selecting weather windows, and so much more. Our goal is to demystify cruising in the Pacific Northwest and empower cruisers to explore further in safety and comfort.

The full list of episodes (and future episodes) is below, or click here to start with the first episode as a playlist.

Introduction to the Inside Passage
Preparing your Boat for the Inside Passage
Packing and Provisioning for Extended NW Cruising
Clearing Canadian Customs by Boat in British Columbia
Clearing US Customs by Boat in Washington and Alaska

Gates of the Inside Passage: Getting to the San Juan Islands from the South
Gates of the Inside Passage: Strait of Georgia
Gates of the Inside Passage: Johnstone Strait, Yuculta Rapids, Gillard Pass, and Dent Rapids
Gates of the Inside Passage: Cape Caution
Gates of the Inside Passage: Dixon Entrance

Having Guests in Alaska

Flying Drones from Boats

WiFi in the Wilderness
Sam’s Singlehanding Secrets
22 Feet to Alaska
Better Boating Photography