Airship to Alaska | Day 16 | Prince Rupert to Ketchikan

We set our alarm for 4am this morning to check the 4am weather and forecasted conditions for Dixon Entrance to make the final call about whether to go or wait. At Dixon Entrance East, waves were 1-2 meters. Hard to know what that means without the period of seconds between waves. At Buoy 46145, which is smack in the middle of Dixon Entrance, north of Haida Gwaii (so quite a bit further out to sea than we’d be), they were 6-7 feet high at 9-10 seconds apart. So as they got closer to land they’d likely be quite a bit smaller than that. The Green Island lightstation report said “Partly cloudy, visibility 4 miles, fog, wind calm, seas rippled.” (Foggy usually means calm.)

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