Slowboat at TrawlerFest 2018

Did you miss our seminars at the Seattle Boat Show earlier this year? Well we’re giving you another chance to catch up with us…we’ll be at TrawlerFest 2018 in Bremerton, Washington, just days before we take off with our 2018 Flotilla to Alaska! Trawlerfest runs from May 1 through May 5th, and we’ll be giving three 2-hour seminars on May 1st and 2nd. Seminars will be held at the Kitsap Conference Center at Bremerton Harborside, 100 Washington Ave, Bremerton, WA 98337.

Gates of the Inside Passage
Laura Domela, Sam Landsman, Kevin Morris
May 1, 10:45 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Want to cruise further north, but deterred by one of the infamous “gates?” This presentation breaks down the trickiest parts of the Inside passage – the so-called gates-collectively and individually. We’ll cover strategies for getting safely through each gate, review why you might want to cross each gate, and offer general tips for making a safe and enjoyable trip through one of the world’s most amazing and rewarding cruising grounds.

Note: This will be a longer, more detailed version of the 50-minute Gates of the Inside Passage seminar we gave at the 2018 Seattle Boat Show.

Packing, Provisioning, and Preparing Your Boat for Cruising the Inside Passage to Alaska
Laura Domela, Sam Landsman, Kevin Morris
May 1, 2-4 p.m.

Before you embark on an extended cruise in the Pacific Northwest or up the Inside Passage to Southeast Alaska, you might want some tips about what to pack, and how to prepare your boat (and yourself) for the adventure. Sam Landsman, Laura Domela, and Kevin Morris share the lessons of numerous trips and leading flotillas up the Inside Passage from Washington through British Columbia up to Southeast Alaska. They’ll discuss food, clothing, first aid, spares, ground tackle, boat systems, general best practices, and how and where to get parts and supplies along the way.

Note: This two-hour seminar combines Packing and Provisioning for SE Alaska with Preparing Your Boat for Cruising the Inside Passage to Alaska. Two seminars in one!

Improve Your Boating Photography: It’s Not About the Gear
With Laura Domela, Sam Landsman, Kevin Morris
May 2, 8:30-10:30 a.m.

Laura has been a professional studio and travel photographer for over 13 years, and she’ll show you that getting great photos on the water is not always about having the most expensive gear. This seminar will tackle the particulars of boat-based photography – strategy, inspiration, workflow, editing, (OK, and even gear) and how to best tell a compelling story and express a sense of place and culture with your photos.

Additionally, Kevin and Sam will cover flying drones from boats to capture great aerial perspectives of your boat and surrounding areas. They’ll give tips about safety, drone etiquette, taking off and landing from boats, getting the best images, and of course the drones themselves.


Additionally, Laura will (somewhat reluctantly) be participating in a session called “Admirals Roundtable for Women” immediately after the photography seminar on May 2. Laura feels that the “Admiral” title teeters too far toward condescension (but acquiesces that perhaps not all women feel this way about it, which is totally fine). Nonetheless, she has agreed to keep an open mind about participating in something that’s got “Admiral” and “Women” right there in the title, because encouraging women to be as involved in boating (aka “Captain” or “Skipper”) as they want to be is important to her. (Also, because there are some other women boaters who are way more experienced than her participating in this session, so who would she be to refuse, really?)

Admirals Roundtable for Women
With Linda Lewis, Valerie Creighton, Becky Fickett, Laura Domela & Pat Rains
10:45 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

A standing joke in the cruising community goes like this: He may be the captain, but she is the admiral, because if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Or something like that. Valerie Creighton, Becky Fickett and Pat Rains all have cruised widely but with distinctly different experiences. Creighton and her husband have cut a swath from California to Thailand. Fickett, holder of a captains license, has thousands of miles under her belt in East Coast Waters. Lewis, a licensed captain, has cruised to Southeast Alaska nine times and instructs couples on how to operate their boat together. And Rains, also a captain, is a leading expert on cruising in Mexico.

A couple days after this seminar, Laura Domela will be part of a group leading a rally up the Inside Passage. This seminar is for women who think they may want to go cruising or who have only recently entered into the cruising lifestyle and have a wide range of questions best answered by other women, and, alas, without any men in the room.


We’d love to see you there! Here’s a link to the TrawlerFest 2018 website. There are all sorts of events going on this year…you’re bound to find something that interests you!

(Cover image courtesy of Passagemaker/TrawlerFest)