Day 14 | Flotilla to Alaska | Rescue Bay to Khutze Bay

Sunrise in Rescue Bay

We awoke to blue sky, light wind, and the promise of magnificent views. The day did not disappoint. Given the long(ish) distance we have to cover today (55nm) and our desire to enjoy the views and not feel rushed, we began leaving about 8:00 a.m. As we motored north towards Fiordland we were occasionally accompanied by Dall’s porpoises surfing bow wakes, which is always such a treat.

We made a detour into Kynoch Inlet to check out the beautiful waterfall, and took photos of each boat in front of the falls. Here, the water is deep mere feet from the rocks. It’s easy to maneuver the boat well into the mist. 

Safe Harbour, Nordic Tug 37
Polymela, Eagle 40
Salish Spirit, Helmsman 38
Jester, Nordic Tug 39
Nereus, Ocean Alexander 44
Airship, Nordic Tug 42

Before we left, Kevin took the drone up for some group shots.

After our short visit, we moved on in order to transit Hiekesh Narrows near slack.

Approaching Mathieson Narrows, after detouring at Kynoch Falls
Polymela with waterfalls
So much debris in the water! It’s nice when the birds mark it for us.

We arrived at Khutze Inlet to find three other boats anchored in the head of the bay. Khutze is one of the more challenging spots to anchor. The bay is deep and shoals up extremely fast, so finding a decent spot where you can drop your anchor in 100-150 feet and be in more than 20 feet as you back toward shore (and have enough swinging room between you and the next boat over) is often tricky. Adding our six boats to the three already in there made it a bit crowded for such a challenging anchorage, but we all managed to get anchors set.

Entering Khutze Inlet

Nereus anchored at Khutze Bay
Off for a quick dinghy excursion up river

The group met on the Airship/Safe Harbour raft tonight for taco night.

Today’s total: 59.3nm, 8 hours 14 minutes underway
Flotilla total: 480.9nm, 68 hours 2 minutes underway