Day 4 | Alaska Flotilla Leg 2 | Stag Bay to Pelican

We had a relaxed morning in Stag Bay before departing for Pelican, less than two hours away. In the morning before we left, Sam came up with another fun experiment to try in the waffle iron: Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, and they turned out great!

Even with the dreary weather, Lisianski Strait and Lisianski Inlet have beautiful, rugged mountain scenery. 

Airship and Jester approaching Pelican

The transient dock was empty, so we tied up and wandered through town. Pelican is a small boardwalk community with fewer than 100 residents. Walking from one end of the boardwalk to the other only takes a few minutes.

Pelican Public Library

Compared to a few years ago, Pelican seems to be a little more alive. There’s a small liquor store that also has some Costco items, a pizza place that also has some groceries, the Lisianski Inlet Cafe and gift shop (which wasn’t open while we were there, but is operating), and of course Rose’s Bar, which is undergoing extensive renovations under new ownership.

Lisianski Inlet Cafe
Rose’s Bar under renovation
Rose’s Bar under renovation

NOAA predicted rain, and by afternoon the rain was steady. More than half an inch fell; we bailed on BBQing dinner and made pizza indoors instead. 

Tomorrow morning we’ll head for another boardwalk community: Elfin Cove.

Today’s total: 11nm, 1 hour 38 minutes underway
Flotilla total: 96.6nm, 13 hours 58 minutes underway