Day 16 | Alaska Flotilla Leg 3 | Exchange Cove to Tolstoi Bay

We departed Exchange Cove and headed south through Kashevarof Passage towards Clarence Strait. Water was glassy for the first couple hours of our 44nm transit, then picked up a little in Clarence Strait. We saw a few humpback spouts in the distance but otherwise an uneventful, calm cruise.

Tolstoi Bay is on the west side of Clarence Strait near Thorne Bay. We anchored in the west cove, near a couple floating houses.

There were quite a few small boats fishing just outside the bay, and as soon as we were anchored our group added a few dinghies to that! It rained a bit off and on, but otherwise was a nice afternoon.

We met for dinner tonight on the raft — ramen bar! This theme is fast becoming a flotilla favorite! 

Tolstoi Bay from the air (floating homes are just out of frame, on the right):