Day 14 | Flotilla to Alaska | Wrangell to Petersburg

The shortest navigable route from Wrangell to Petersburg is through Wrangell Narrows, a narrow, winding, rock-laden 22 nautical mile passageway with swift current and lots of traffic. In order to minimize opposing current, we typically time our departure from Wrangell so that we arrive at Papke’s Landing, where the flooding from the north and south meets, at high tide. That way we ride the dying flood into Wrangell Narrows, and get flushed out by the freshening ebb.

The increasingly poorly named Two Tree Island
Bonito approaching Point Alexander

The improving weather trend continued, and we had calm seas and occasionally sunny skies.

Akeeva in Wrangell Narrows
North end of Wrangell Narrows as we approach Petersburg

Traffic was lighter than we’ve often seen in Wrangell Narrows. No ferries, few fish boats, and just a couple other pleasure boats. There weren’t even many sport fishing boats.

Approaching Petersburg
Petersburg Waterfront

The scenery along Wrangell Narrows is beautiful, and it gets better closer to Petersburg.

Gorgeous mountain backdrop!
Working boats in the south marina
Sea lion snacks on some fish
Marina reflection

We walked around Petersburg to collect some images that describe the vibe of the town. It has a strong, proud Norwegian heritage and a vibrant fishing industry.

Sons of Norway Hall
Viking ship Valhalla
Fisherman’s Memorial Park
Detail, Sons of Norway Hall
Low tide
Neighborhood on the water
Walking around Petersburg
We lucked out with the weather today!
Gorgeous reflections!
House with floats
House on stilts
Cigarette butts, beer cans, and Tonka trucks
Because we’re 12

39.6nnm today
733.0nm total