Day 16 | Flotilla to Alaska | Petersburg

Today was a free day in Petersburg. We awoke to clear blue skies and bright sunshine, with a predicted high of about 68 degrees F! How did we get so lucky?

We spent the day exploring, provisioning, and enjoying the glorious weather!

Petersburg is a proud fishing town and we love looking at all the boats. The sunny weather had many crews outside doing maintenance: painting, sanding, scrubbing, etc. Walking around Petersburg it’s obvious that many of the owners and crews take great pride in taking good care of their vessels and their community.

The biggest fishing boats here are seiners. Regulations cap length at 58′, about the same LOA as Bonito. But moored next to 58′¬†Vigilant,¬†Bonito looked awfully small, and some of the seiners are five and a half feet beamier than Vigilant! (For boat nerds, here’s an interesting glimpse inside Vigilant.)

Few towns rival Petersburg in natural beauty, especially on a sunny summer day. Snow-covered peaks are visible in nearly every direction.

Some of us biked around town and explored the roads of Mitkof Island. Akeeva has a couple of folding electric bikes onboard this year, and although they haven’t been used a lot, they are a great way to cover some miles on land. The bicycle route followed the water along Wrangell Narrows and Frederick Sound and had beautiful views.

Dinner on Airship was Mexican food from El Zarape — tacos and enchiladas were seriously good!

Another notable place for good food in Petersburg was the Salty Pantry. Why have we not been here before?? Their breakfasts and pastries are fantastic! We’ll have to try dinner when we come back if we happen to be here on a Monday!