Day 10 | Flotilla to Alaska | Rescue Bay to Bottleneck Inlet

We woke to light drizzle and some fog, with a little bit of blue sky in the distance.

A little bit of blue sky this morning as we leave Rescue Bay

Our plan to transit Jackson Narrows at high tide made for an uneventful experience. Jackson Passage is a beautiful (and shorter) route from east to west, but often avoided due to Jackson Narrows, but at high slack transiting the narrows is easy.

Coming through Jackson Narrows
Calm water in Jackson Passage

We made our way north in Finlayson Channel and up to Bottleneck Inlet. The entrance to Bottleneck is narrow (but not too narrow) and deep, so keeping to centerline makes it very straightforward.

Entering Bottleneck Inlet

Inside it opens up to a spacious (and sunny!!) anchorage. We all got settled and explored a bit and relaxed on board (outside!! in the sun!!! finally!!!)

The only bummer here is that crabbing is closed (as it is in Khutze Bay as well, tomorrow’s destination):


Anchored in Bottleneck Inlet
Airship in Bottleneck Inlet

Scott and Brenda on Impulse hosted happy hour this evening, complete with a fun origami kit that Brenda brought along for us. Fun!

Origami and happy hour on Impulse
Not quite like the pictures, are they?

Nobody’s fish really looked like the picture (the instructions left a lot to be desired, honestly), and several of us left with a photo of the instructions, determined to keep trying.

Another successful (and did we mention sunny???) day of flotilla-ing!