Day 10 | 2023 Flotilla to Alaska | Shearwater to Rescue Bay

We left Shearwater this morning just before 10am. Timing today was for Perceval Narrows, but the swell we expected in Seaforth Channel was almost nonexistent and the wind still hadn’t picked up much by the time we arrived.

Reid Passage is always an interesting, scenic route.

We arrived at Perceval Narrows with about 3kts of current helping us along.

And just after that, Pacific white-sided dolphins took turns surfing every boat’s bow wake.

Pacific white-sided dolphins chasing Airship
The view up Finlayson Channel

The wind kicked up early in the afternoon to about 18kts, but it was behind us and we barely felt it.

The group (plus one extra) anchored in Rescue Bay, taken from Airship
Two’s Out anchored in Rescue Bay (with gorgeous scenery!)

We put crab and prawn traps down, then took dinghies out to explore a bit…nice for people to get a feel for what Jackson Narrows looks like by dinghy before taking the big boats through tomorrow morning.

We’ll all relax and have dinner on our own boats tonight, then head up to Khutze Inlet tomorrow morning. Loving this weather…unbelievable it’s been this nice for this long. Hope it holds! (It won’t.)