Airship | Johnstone Strait, Kanish Bay, Campbell River

We left Port McNeill and headed down Johnstone Strait with a bit of current helping us along, which was nice. By the time we were at Race Passage we were getting a push of about 4-5 knots. Wheeeee!

Due to the full moon and king tides, there is SO MUCH debris in the water right now. Sometimes in light chop, the logs can be quite difficult to see.

Other times, it’s very easy to see them, but not so easy to figure out a path to take without hitting any.

We originally had a couple places we might stop for the night, but in the end, we continued on for 70nm and dropped anchor at the end of the day in Kanish Bay, behind the Chained Islands. It had started raining just as we approached our anchorage, so we just hung out and made dinner and called it an early night.

In the morning, Kevin took the Mavic up for some aerials (the weather was much improved).

We planned to hit Seymour Narrows slack right around noon, so we pulled anchor around 10:40am and headed that way (7nm from Kanish to Seymour Narrows). We had some current push (and also some pull) and I think it had already turned when we went through because by the time we got to Discovery Harbour/Campbell River we had a 4 knot current pushing us ahead…which made turning into the small opening to the marina a bit dramatic.

Our route today was only 14nm total — we were stopping in Campbell River for one night to meet up with our friend Scott (with the 53′ Selene Impulse, you might remember him from past flotillas). We’ll be in the town with the most gigantic grocery store of the entire summer, and here we are not needing a single thing!