Day 1 | 2024 Flotilla to Alaska | Prevost Harbor to Ganges BC

Nice and easy 15nm cruise from Prevost Harbor on Stuart Island to Ganges Harbour on Saltspring Island. Everyone was pretty happy this morning after that amazing show of lights last night. The forecast for tonight is also good, so maybe we’ll be up late again tonight!

The weather has been beautiful!

Airship, Two’s Out, and Melissa Lynn on the dock at Ganges Marina

We spent the day exploring town, provisioning with fresh produce (for the next 8-10 days or so) and relaxing onboard (well, plus a bit of technical problem-solving…always fun). Tomorrow, a long day up to Tribune Bay on Hornby Island (68nm). Conditions in the Strait of Georgia look a little choppy but we’re expecting conditions to mellow as the day progresses.