Day 2 | 2024 Flotilla to Alaska | Ganges to Tribune Bay

We departed Ganges Marina this morning around 9:30am for today’s (long) cruise up to Tribune Bay (68nm).

Selene Melissa Lynn leaving the dock at Ganges Marina

Another gorgeous weather day!

Love the shot Missie (from Selene Melissa Lynn) got of this creative use of umbrella-as-sail:

Ganges Harbor creativity

And also this shot of Airship with a float plane taking off in front:

Airship with float plane

We were aiming to arrive at Dodd Narrows 15-30 minutes before the 1:33pm slack, but we arrived a bit later than we’d hoped (closer to slack), and there were more boats there than we’ve ever seen at this timeĀ  of year. A chip barge radioed that he’d be coming through at 1:30pm and we knew we would be going through at 1:22pm so we kept on. However, the barge ended up coming through ten minutes earlier than that, so a whole bunch of boats had to abort their transit, circling around to wait for the barge (which needed the whole width, for sure, and at one point was crabbed pretty hard).

Looking back at all the other boats waiting, just south of Dodd Narrows:

Here’s a screenshot of all the AIS targets going through:

We’re making miles while we can and conditions allow, but as we look ahead at the weather forecast for Cape Caution we can see that we likely won’t be going around according to our preliminary itinerary, and we may need to add several days to our schedule. Luckily, we’re in a beautiful area and this won’t be too much of a hardship.

Beautiful light
Two’s Out and Melissa Lynn anchored in Tribune Bay
Ithaka anchored in Tribune Bay
Sunset in Tribune Bay
Melissa Lynn right at dusk, anchored in Tribune Bay