Day 7 | Alaska Flotilla Leg 3 | Chapin Bay to Kake

The cruise across Frederick Sound to Kake from Chapin Bay is just under 20nm, and conditions were calm and glassy today, with a little morning fog. Boats left the anchorage on their own schedule and headed across between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. We arrived at Portage Harbor in Kake and got space all together on the transient dock.  First orders of business were washing the salt off boats, getting … Read more

Day 6 | Alaska Flotilla Leg 3 | Pybus Bay to Chapin Bay

Frederick Sound cooperated nicely and we enjoyed a smooth, quick cruise from Cannery Cove to Chapin Bay. Chapin Bay is a great anchorage, well sheltered, huge-yet-intimate, and 40-60 feet deep with excellent holding. Nearby Eliza Harbor and Herring Bay beg to be explored, so soon after anchoring we hopped in the dinghies and set off. We traced the perimeter of Eliza Harbor hoping to see bears, but eventually settled for … Read more

Airship | Chapin Bay, Rocky Pass, Point Baker

We got an early start on Saturday morning from Red Bluff Bay. Conditions were nice and calm on Chatham Strait, barely a swell felt. We cruised the 27nm distance to Chapin Bay, on the southern tip of Admiralty Island, and anchored up at the head of the bay in about 50 feet. It rained off and on, but we went out for a dinghy excursion anyway. We chose the next … Read more