Airship | Baranof Island: Sitka to Red Bluff Bay

After spending a handful of days in Juneau, we left and headed for Sitka, where we docked Airship for two whole weeks! Kevin had a work thing going on that we needed reliable internet for (and an airport for a trip to San Jose) and we’d already been in Juneau for a handful of days, so a change of scenery would be nice. We spent some more time wandering around … Read more

Day 26 | Flotilla to Alaska | Takatz Bay to Deep Bay

After a relaxing, wildlife-rich several days on the east coast of Baranof Island, today we motored eight hours towards Sitka, from Takatz Bay to Deep Bay. Our route leads to progressively smaller bodies of water, from huge Chatham Strait to Peril Strait, and eventually to Sergius Narrows, the bottleneck just west of Deep Bay that can only be transited near slack. Other than a couple photos of the gorgeous light … Read more

Days 24-25 | Flotilla to Alaska | Warm Springs Bay to Takatz Bay

Over the last few days the pace of the trip has relaxed. Today, we had our shortest day yet: just nine miles, followed by a day sitting at anchor in Takatz Bay. The truth is we could have spent several days at each of the anchorages we’ve visited this trip, but the distances are too great and the other destinations too tempting to linger. Occasionally, though, it’s nice to catch … Read more

Day 33 | Flotilla to Alaska | Takatz Bay to Deep Bay

Today’s cruise from Takatz Bay to Deep Bay was about 53nm. We had great weather again (getting so spoiled!) and the conditions in Chatham Strait were calm. We saw more traffic today than we’ve seen all summer…fish boats, charter yachts, cruise ships, a tug and tow, as well as a few other pleasure boats. We also saw a large number of Dall’s porpoises! They splashed and jumped and surfed our … Read more

Day 31-32 | Flotilla to Alaska | Warm Springs Bay to Takatz Bay

With just nine miles to travel today, we didn’t rush off the dock at Warm Springs Bay. After a relaxed morning—more soaking in the hot springs, warm cinnamon rolls delivered to each boat, and more computer work—we headed north to Takatz Bay around 10:30 a.m. Chatham Strait was smooth once again, with a nice current boosting our speed. On the way into Takatz Bay Salish Spirit spotted a brown bear on shore. … Read more

Airship | Angoon to Takatz Bay

This morning we had intended to walk into the village at Angoon, then take the dinghy back to Mitchell Bay during the afternoon slack. However, when we did a bit more research on the currents, we realized that Bridge Point had a reporting station, and that slack current this morning (turning to flood) was just 15 minutes from the time we were looking it up! So, instead of walking into … Read more