Day 12 | Flotilla to Alaska | Ocean Falls to Shearwater

The flotilla arrived at Shearwater Resort by about 10:00 a.m., which was great since it left the rest of the day for chores. Shearwater is always a busy stop for us on our way up and down the Inside Passage. We can shop for groceries, do laundry, fill up with fuel and water, eat out, and if anyone needs parts or mechanical help there’s a travel lift, full boatyard, and a well-stocked marine store. There’s even a place to take your trash and recycling! Shearwater is a very welcome stop for many boaters.

Once tied up to the dock, we caught up with Christophe (harbormaster) and then quickly got cracking on chores. Ralph went up to the marine store and came back with a fishing pole and some accessories. Dan volunteered (after a very slight twist of his newly retired arm) to help Ralph get set up for fishing, and after a another trip or two to the marine store, soon Ralph not only had a rod, reel, and lures, but had outfitted his Ranger Tug 29CB with a complete downrigger setup!

Ralph and Dan discuss fishing aboard Rhapsody

Several of us gathered at a the pub with laptops for lunch, a beer, and some work, and then later on met back up there for dinner. Christophe had arranged a “movie night” for us over in the lodge after dinner. Swedish filmmaker (and sailor) Pär Domeij is from Luleå, Sweden (~66 degrees north!) but has used Shearwater as his temporary home base for exploring the coast of British Columbia for the past several years. He was more than happy to share his work with our group. (He is all about slowing down to enjoy the scenery and wildlife, and our company name and philosophy deeply resonated with him.) He is currently developing a film for Swedish television, but here are some of the short pieces he has on YouTube:


Pär told wonderful stories about his close encounters with wolves, bears, whales, and even a spider (which proved to be the most dangerous of them all)! He is extremely passionate about what he does, and it shows.



Portrait of Pär Domeij

Normally we see an eagle or two in this tree, but not this time.

In the morning before we left, we noticed up on shore they were installing the bear!

Today’s total: 22.1nm 3 hours 20 minutes
Flotilla total: 409.0 nautical miles, 56 hours 38 minutes underway